DoubleFox team

The company and personnel selection project managers Marija Kairena and Liga Gulbe have been working in the HR field for over 10 years. In recent years, their careers have been focused on full-cycle personnel selection, actively engaging in headhunting to provide companies with the best industry specialists and managers. They believe that the job market is sufficiently competitive, and waiting for responses to posted advertisements is no longer a relevant and effective method for filling vacant positions. Both specialists are involved in full-cycle personnel selection, which includes a detailed exploration of the company's needs and finding the appropriate candidate, including evaluation, interviewing, testing, surveys, and other processes.

Liga and Marija provide a personalized approach to each client and candidate because they believe that there should be a "click" between both parties to establish a successful long-term collaboration. If you are looking for a colleague or employee, contact us and entrust the selection to professionals!

Marija Kairena

Marija has several years of experience working in the field of human resources, which she gained while working in the construction industry as a senior HR specialist. Later in her career, she focused on personnel selection, working both as a selection specialist and project manager. Marija's daily routine has always revolved around employees, their well-being, employment, selection, and evaluation. As a personnel selection specialist and project manager, Maria has worked with companies in various industries, including finance, construction, manufacturing, and others. She believes that personnel selection is like carefully connecting links in a chain - the right candidate must be "linked" to the right company to create a strong and lasting connection! Maria is convinced that to achieve something in life, you must believe in yourself wholeheartedly and pursue your goals with determination! A good business starts with good specialists - and Marija knows how to find these specialists! If you have any questions about personnel selection or are interested in collaboration, schedule a meeting, and we will tell you more!

Liga Gulbe

With over a decade of experience in personnel management, Liga has honed her skills as a personnel specialist in both the construction and restaurant industries. In recent years, as a selection specialist, she has collaborated with companies across various sectors. Liga has always had a keen interest in people, relationships, and building connections. She firmly believes that the key to any company's success lies in hiring the right employees for the right positions. To achieve this, Liga considers a personnel selection company to be a crucial business partner with a decisive role in fostering success. Leveraging her knowledge and commitment to this philosophy, she can help your business thrive by ensuring you have the best team — Liga can become your partner in achieving success. If you need a colleague or specialist, schedule a brief meeting, and we will assist you!