Excellence Through Finding People


DoubleFox is a personnel selection and assessment company, specializing in the recruitment of specialists, middle, and senior-level managers. We are not just a recruitment agency - we are a company that cares about others - both companies and potential employees. This may sound superficial, but this idea inspires us every day and keeps us committed. DoubleFox is a company where people can turn to in times of success, challenges, or any transitional periods. We strive to understand each client and candidate, applying our individual approach to each selection process - whether it's for a single employee or a larger workforce. This approach begins with a deep dive into our clients' unique corporate culture, followed by the development of effective tailored recruitment strategies. The process concludes with the hiring of the most suitable candidate, who will complement or build your team to help your company achieve its ambitious goals. Personnel selection is not just about filling positions. We build genuine and transparent relationships with clients and candidates, gaining a deep understanding of their needs to find the best and most suitable candidate. We create simple, comprehensive solutions for projects of various sizes and complexities, as well as for companies in various industries. Our true strength lies in building teamwork between employers and employees, where people feel comfortable and perform at the highest level. We highly value the opportunity to assist our clients, caring for them, and attracting great talents to their teams. If you are looking for an employee or colleague - contact us, and we will help you!







C level management





DoubleFox Team

Marija Kairena

Marija has several years of experience working in the field of human resources, which she gained while working in the construction industry as a senior HR specialist. Later in her career, she focused on personnel selection, working both as a selection specialist and project manager. Marija's daily routine has always revolved around employees, their well-being, employment, selection, and evaluation. As a personnel selection specialist and project manager, Maria has worked with companies in various industries, including finance, construction, manufacturing, and others. She believes that personnel selection is like carefully connecting links in a chain - the right candidate must be "linked" to the right company to create a strong and lasting connection! Maria is convinced that to achieve something in life, you must believe in yourself wholeheartedly and pursue your goals with determination! A good business starts with good specialists - and Marija knows how to find these specialists! If you have any questions about personnel selection or are interested in collaboration, schedule a meeting, and we will tell you more!

Liga Gulbe

With over a decade of experience in personnel management, Liga has honed her skills as a personnel specialist in both the construction and restaurant industries. In recent years, as a selection specialist, she has collaborated with companies across various sectors. Liga has always had a keen interest in people, relationships, and building connections. She firmly believes that the key to any company's success lies in hiring the right employees for the right positions. To achieve this, Liga considers a personnel selection company to be a crucial business partner with a decisive role in fostering success. Leveraging her knowledge and commitment to this philosophy, she can help your business thrive by ensuring you have the best team — Liga can become your partner in achieving success. If you need a colleague or specialist, schedule a brief meeting, and we will assist you!


Fast recruiting process

We are able to quickly and efficiently fill your vacant positions by selecting candidates from a wide talent pool, utilizing networks and various systems to find candidates with rare skills. Only those candidates who meet your specific needs are submitted for your consideration.
We guarantee up to 3 suitable candidates within 20 business days!

High-level candidates

The DoubleFox team excels in candidate sourcing and assessment, and we also offer consultative support services to ensure a smooth recruitment process. We utilize the best selection methods to align our delegated candidates with your specific needs. Our strength lies in headhunting, and we strategically approach suitable candidates!

Knowledge of the job market

In each project, we gain valuable insights into the industry, potential clients, and candidates. By utilizing DoubleFox services, you have the opportunity to consult with us on salary rates, trends, career development, and job market trends in your industry. These insights can be crucial in your decision-making process regarding employee recruitment.


The majority of top-tier candidates are not actively seeking new job opportunities, and we refer to them as 'passive talent,' whose identification requires more time. However, we can help you tap into this pool of talent because we know how to identify and engage with these candidates and even encourage them to apply for your vacant positions. This is another advantage of working with DoubleFox! Headhunting is our forte!

Cost savings

Hiring the wrong employee can be costly and impact company culture. We can reduce the chances of hiring the wrong candidate by identifying the best talent with our knowledge and experience. We can determine which candidates are worth bringing into your company's team, saving training time and costs.


With all our clients, we enter into a friendly cooperation agreement that provides a guarantee for the hired employee! To support you and provide you with additional security, we offer a 3-month warranty for the hired employee!