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Who we are

We aren’t just a staffing company. We’re a company that cares for others. It might sound lofty, but it’s the idea that gets us up everyday, determined to make it true. DoubleFox is a company that people can anchor to in moments of triumph, struggle, and every time in between. We strive to understand each client and candidate by applying our signature consultative approach to each search ー whether it’s for one critical hire, or part of a large-scale staffing solution. This approach begins with a deep-dive into our clients’ unique corporate cultures, followed by efficient development of a tailored placement strategy. It ends with the perfect hires that complete or build out your team so your company can achieve its most ambitious goals. 

We’re in it for the long haul as your recruitment partner, and we can’t wait to celebrate your big wins!


Staffing isn’t just finding and filling roles. We form genuine relationships with our consultants and clients, building a deep understanding of their needs so that we can find the best match. From temporary work to permanent hires, we approach all opportunities with the same drive to deliver.
We cut through complexity, create simple end-to-end solutions for big, complicated, often daunting projects. But our true strength is building teams where people thrive and perform at the highest level. We love nothing more than coming through for our clients by caring for, developing and keeping great people.

Marija Kairēna

Marija has several years of experience in the field of Human Resources, which she gained while working in the construction industry as a senior personnel specialist, and later as a recruiter and project manager in a recruiting company. Her everyday life has always been related to employees, their well-being and employment, and later - with selection and evaluation. As a recruiter and project manager, Marija has worked with companies in various industries - finance, construction, manufacturing etc.
Marija believes that work in recruitment is like connecting the links of a chain - the appropriate candidate must be "connected" with the right company in order to create a good, strong and lasting connection! At the given moment, Marija is on her way of getting a Bachelor's degree in the field of entrepreneurship & finance, and she is convinced- if you want to achieve something in life, you have to work hard and believe in yourself with all your heart!

Līga Gulbe

With over a decade of experience in personnel management, Liga has honed her skills as a personnel specialist in the construction and restaurant industries. In recent years, she has transitioned to working with businesses of various sectors as a selection specialist. Liga has always had a passion for people, finding value and meaning in connecting with them.
Liga firmly holds the belief that the key to the success of any enterprise lies in having the right employees in the right roles. To achieve this, she sees recruiting as a vital business partner that plays a critical role in driving success. With Liga's expertise and commitment to this philosophy, she can help your business thrive by ensuring you have the best team in place- allow Liga to be your partner in success.





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Benefits in cooperation with Doublefox

Faster hiring

We can fill your open positions faster by sourcing candidates from a vast talent pool, leveraging connections, and using expensive systems to locate people with hard-to-find skills. This shortens your hiring time and ensures that only candidates who fit your expectations are submitted for your review

High-quality candidates

We have a big group of skilled and experienced candidates who have already been screened and referenced. Our team is skilled at evaluating candidates and we offer support services to ensure that the hiring process goes smoothly. We use the best methods to match our candidates with your needs

Knowledge of the market

In each project, we gain valuable knowledge of the industry, talks with customers and candidates. By using the recruitment agency, you can access our insights and tips on wage rates, skills, career development, contract support, complexity and market trends in your industry. This knowledge can be decisive in your decision -making

Extended reach

Some of the best candidates are not actively seeking new job opportunities, and we refer to them as 'passive talent', which takes more time to find. However, a we can help you tap into this talent pool as we know how to identify and contact these candidates, and even incentivize them to make a move. This is another benefit of working with DoubleFox

Cost savings

A bad hire can be costly and affect company morale and culture. We can reduce the chances of a bad hire by identifying top talent with our expertise. We can determine who will benefit your company financially, and it's worth enlisting our expert help to save on training and onboarding costs

Warranty for an employee

We provide all our clients with a friendly cooperation agreement, which provides a guarantee for the hired employee