In the recruitment process, key performance indicators (KPIs) are a crucial component that helps evaluate and enhance work efficiency. Below are 10 main performance indicators that are essential in the recruitment process:

  • Job posting performance indicators: Evaluate the effectiveness of job advertisement distribution, as well as the quantity and quality of candidates coming from each selected advertising platform.

  • Candidate tracking indicators: Track candidates' journey from application submission to interview and hiring process, evaluating each stage's time, costs, and effectiveness.

  • Application quality indicators: Analyze the quality of applications, considering candidates' suitability for requirements, experience, and education, as well as motivation and interest in the vacant position.

  • Interview outcome indicators: Evaluate interview results, considering candidates' evaluations, question responses, and overall impression, to determine if the candidate fits the company culture and requirements.

  • Time to hire indicators: Determine the average time required from posting a vacancy to hiring a new employee, and analyze it to optimize the recruitment process.

  • Employee retention rate: Monitor the retention rate of new employees in the first 6-12 months and evaluate the success of integration programs.

  • Candidate experience indicators: Survey candidates about their experience in the recruitment process to assess how they perceived and evaluated collaboration with the company.

  • Employee productivity indicators: Analyze the productivity and performance of new employees in the first months of employment to assess how effectively they have integrated into the company.

  • Source of hire indicators: Determine where the most qualified and effective candidates come from and adjust the recruitment strategy accordingly to attract desired talent pools.

  • Employer reputation indicators: Monitor feedback and evaluations about the recruitment process to determine how it affects the company's reputation and its ability to attract and retain talent.

These 10 performance indicators are crucial for effectively evaluating and improving the recruitment process. Use them to successfully attract and retain the best talent for your company!