Headhunting, also known as executive search, is a unique practice by headhunters, also known as executive recruiters, to identify, engage, and hire for organisations to fill top-level, specialised, and technical positions.

Headhunters mostly approach passive candidates who are not currently looking for an opportunity.

They focus on filling critical or senior-level positions that require a different approach than the regular recruiting process. Headhunting needs more interaction with the candidates as they are passive candidates.

Headhunters have the chance to make smooth and efficient hiring for executives or senior managers as they are mostly fewer in number.

It's not mass recruitment, and it's just hiring specific people for essential roles. Hiring valuable people saves time by removing the candidates who aren't qualified for the job and presenting only those with the right skill and mindset.

Offering highly qualified people for the job makes it easy for clients or companies to make hiring faster.

Headhunters save a lot of time and costs for companies and clients they are working for by offering them the best people per their requirements, making a vast difference, and providing fruitful benefits to the firm's growth.

The headhunting process provides better employees who will stay for an extended period in your company. Headhunters have a lot of experience in attracting and hiring the right candidate for growth.

The one thing which is best about headhunting is confidentiality. The roles are vital and impactful for a company; hence they don't get advertised.

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